About Us

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Our Vision

With the blend of information and technology, it is our norm to represent our sector in the best way possible through maintaining our customers’ satisfaction by our service quality, innovative approach and goal of minimum mistake.

Our Mission

It will be our target to let our customers to feel the same comfort of their house, to gain their trust by rendering high quality service more than expected and to become their indispensible choice.

Our Principles

  • We refuse to accept accommodation of over drunk customers
  • We do not accept pets
  • We evaluate and check our reservation status on daily base
  • The check out time for our customers is 12:00 o’clock noon time of the check-out date.

Story About US

Since 2001, we are proud to render high quality accommodation services and have been growing in the sector day by day with the valuable support of you as our esteemed guests.
Hotel Yenibosna offers you a great atmosphere with friendly personnel who make you feel the comfort of your own home.
It is our principle not to make any concession from honesty, reliability and quality, which has led to our position today in the hotel market.

Our aim

Quality Service
Superior Customer Satisfaction
Minimum Error
Maximum Service

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Business Planning
Art & Design
Our Internet Site is Renewed

The constantly evolving technology is giving us different innovations and facilities day by day. We are pleased to present the facilities and innovations of technology to you both in our hotel and on our internet site in order to provide better service to our valuable customers.

For this reason, our internet site has been renewed in order to provide better service to our valuable customers, in accordance with internet technology and mobile technology.

Our internet site is mobile compatible.

Our internet site is now made suitable for all kinds of computer, tablet and mobile communication tools. You can also make your bookings online and quickly on PCs, tablets, iPhones, smartphones, macs and mobile computers with the same software used for windows, iOS, android.

Both English and Turkish

The Internet is a great ocean, we offer our internet site both in English and Turkish for you to reach the destination faster in this ocean. English, which is accepted as a general language in the globalizing world, is being used both as a spoken language and as a correspondence language. You will be able to reach the result faster with your own language option when you are on our internet site.